Peter Thiel: Bitcoin Could Be ‘Chinese Financial Weapon’

PayPal founder Peter Thiel, in a seminar on Big Tech and China, said China's approach to its own cryptocurrency should concern ...
April 8, 2021

Signal users in the UK can now beta test MobileCoin via a new payments feature

Encrypted messaging service Signal has begun allowing some of its users to test a new payments feature that includes support fo...
April 7, 2021

Sacramento Kings Will Offer Bitcoin As Salary To Players

Vivek Ranadivé, the Chairman, CEO, and Governor of the Sacramento Kings, announced this evening on Clubhouse that everyone in h...
April 6, 2021

Morgan Stanley files to add bitcoin exposure across a dozen institutional funds

Wall Street investment bank Morgan Stanley said in a Thursday regulatory filing that a number of its institutional funds may ga...
April 1, 2021

Visa Settles USDC Transaction on Ethereum, Plans Rollout to Partners

The pilot marks the first time Visa has accepted a cryptocurrency payment in lieu of cash for its services.
March 31, 2021

NY’s Blockchain-Based COVID-19 Passport Is Now Live

The pass will be used to confirm an individual's recent negative PCR or antigen test result or proof of vaccination to help fas...
March 29, 2021

Theta Token Rises 17,000% in a Year, Cracks Top 10 Coins

Theta Network’s token has suddenly become the tenth most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap. Theta's head of strategy explai...
March 24, 2021

Manchester City Launches $CITY Fan Tokens

Man City join the already lively crypto league.
March 23, 2021

Bank of Japan to begin central bank digital currency experiments later this year

The Bank of Japan (BOJ) will start experiments on a central bank digital currency (CBDC) this spring, according to central bank...
March 17, 2021

Viral Trump Video Getting NFT Treatment, Courtesy of The Recount

The Recount, which makes news videos and podcasts, is minting one copy of its own viral video of Trump's public response to the...
March 17, 2021