How to Use the Uncensorable Web on Privacy Browser Brave

How to Use the Uncensorable Web on Privacy Browser Brave

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January 20, 2021 by Kofi Ahmed
Privacy-centric Brave has integrated the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) into its updated browser
How to Use the Uncensorable Web on Privacy Browser Brave

In brief

  • Brave is a web browser built on privacy.
  • The InterPlanetary File System is a distributed protocol for sharing files.
  • Now, IPFS is integrated into Brave.

Since launching in 2018, Brave has built a loyal following by giving Web users what they want: more privacy and fewer ads.

Now, it’s letting users give back by making the internet more censorship-resistant.

The privacy-centric Brave browser has tucked a nifty new integration into today’s software update that lets Brave users view content via the InterPlanetary File System

The IPFS is a decentralized system for sharing files in which websites are hosted not by companies but by other IPFS users running nodes. According to Protocol Labs, the makers of IPFS, the peer-to-peer protocol saves bandwidth, improves internet connectivity, and makes it easier to keep content online.

That especially goes for Web users in countries with blocked websites, pointed out IPFS Project Lead Molly Mackinlay. 

“Today, Web users across the world are unable to access restricted content, including, for example, parts of Wikipedia in Thailand, over 100,000 blocked websites in Turkey, and critical access to COVID-19 information in China,” she said via a press release. “Now anyone with an internet connection can access this critical information through IPFS on the Brave browser.” 

Source: Decrypt

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